Huntington Congregational Church

United Church of Christ

This Week October 27, 2020

Dear Folks,

I hope you are all well and hanging in there.  Lots of prayers rising for you!

We all have had saints in our lives who truly showed us how to live the Gospel.  In commemoration of All Saint’s Day, pick one of those saints and please let me know who that person is and why they are a saint in your life.  This person can be living, or this person can be passed.  The deadline for submission is Friday, October 30.  You can either send it to me at 19 Church St., you can send it to me by the church email at, or my personal email at, or you could drop it off in our black mailbox which is our office box outside the church.  Let us all really think about who is an example of faith in our life. 


This Sunday, November 1, is All Saint’s Day.  The scripture is Revelation 7:9-17.  The sermon is “For All Our Saints”, in which I will be sharing the names and stories of our saints.  Holy Communion will be celebrated so have your elements at home ready and bring your elements if you are worshiping in person.


Please reserve your seat for Sunday worship by emailing the office at by Thursday.   


The service will be live streamed on Facebook.  It will also be posted on Facebook and YouTube later.


If you have not returned your Faith Promise/Pledge card yet, please do so ASAP.  Thank to you all who have already!  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Please continue to support HCCUCC with your contributions.  Now more than ever, our mission of being the beacon of love and light on the Huntington Green and beyond is vital.  Contributions sent in by mail are welcome. Please consider donating at our website, The GIVEPLUS app can be downloaded on your cell phone.  Electronic Fund Transfer giving is also available.  Please email the church, if you would like a form to set that up. However you choose to give is a blessing and is greatly appreciated.


Let us pray.  O God, may the powerful force of your love and justice be upon us now.  May greed and malice be swept away like the mist and replaced with the highest good for all.  Amen.


In Christ’s love,

Rev. Lucille

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