Huntington Congregational Church

United Church of Christ

January 2 & 9 Worship Live-stream Only

Dear Folks,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

It is with great sadness and an abundance of caution due to the surge in COVID cases that the HCCUCC Council has decided to have only Facebook live-stream worship for January 2 and 9.

This Sunday, January 2, we will be observing Epiphany. The scripture is Matthew 2:1-12. The sermon is “Another Road”. We will be celebrating Holy Communion, so be sure to have your elements ready.

The service can be viewed on Facebook at: . It will be available for viewing on Facebook and YouTube later on Sunday. I will send out the specific links after worship on Sunday.

For those of you who are “members” of Facebook and Youtube, please be sure to like and share our Facebook page, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and like and share our services and other announcements. We are all a part of HCCUCC’s outreach to the community! Tell your friends!

May 2022 be a better year!



Rev. Lucille

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