Huntington Congregational Church

United Church of Christ

This Week January 2, 2024

Dear Folks,


Happy New Year!  May it be filled with love and light!


This Sunday, January 7, is the Baptism of Christ.  The scripture is Mark 1;4-11.  The sermon is “Up and Out”.  We will be celebrating Holy Communion.  Please be sure to have your elements ready.


Following the service, we will be de-decorating the sanctuary.  All are welcome to lend a hand.


Every year, we purge the prayer list to start anew.  If you would like to keep or add someone to the list, please be sure to contact Karen Boroski via phone: 203-929-1223 or email:


2024 is our 300th anniversary year.  Please be on the lookout for announcements on upcoming events.  The first will be a service in the spirit of 1724 on February 18.  Do not expect a recognizable service!!  People are encouraged to dress the part.  Please refer to your Belfry for the 1720’s fashion.


Our church has served God faithfully these last 300 because of the continuing support of its members. Please continue to support HCCUCC with your contributions.  Now more than ever, our mission of being the beacon of love and light on the Huntington Green and beyond is vital. Contributions sent in by mail are welcome. Please consider donating at our website, Electronic Fund Transfer giving is also available. Please email the church, if you would like a form to set that up. Any way you give is a blessing and is greatly appreciated.


Let us pray.  O God, as we face another year, may we go forth will hope and expectation.  Daring to be the people we were created and called to be, we trust that are held by your loving arms and surrounded by your strengthening Spirit.  Amen.


In Christ’s love,

Rev. Lucille


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