Huntington Congregational Church

United Church of Christ

This Week March 2, 2021

Dear Folks,

Be careful out there!  Don’t let the wind blow you away!

This Sunday, March 7, is the Third Sunday in Lent.  We will be celebrating Holy Communion.  Please be sure to bring your own elements if you are worshipping in person.  The scripture is Exodus 20:1-17.  The sermon is “The Big Ten”.

The service will be live streamed on Facebook and saved there and on YouTube for later viewing.

We will be resuming our in person worship this Sunday.  Please have your reservations in by noon on Thursday.  Please also remember to abide by our safety protocols:

Upon arrival, please check in at the table in the Alcove for your seat assignment.

Masks are required.  Face shields are not acceptable.

Please observe physical distancing, 6 feet.  

Please do not block the Alcove or the doorways.  

Please clean up after yourself if you use the restroom.  Wipes are available.

If you are in a high risk category, please enjoy the service from your home.

If you are not feeling well Sunday morning, please enjoy the service from your home.

If you have worshiped on Sunday and test positive for COVID-19 during the following week, please contact the church office IMMEDIATELY.

If you are not comfortable with these protocols, please enjoy the service from your home.  

Even though many of us are getting our vaccinations, it is not the time to grow lax.  COIVD-19 is still very much a health risk.  We are all in this together to keep each other safe.

Let us pray.  O God of all creation, as the wind power blows powerfully around us, help us to know that you too move powerfully around us, offering grace, peace, love, and hope.  Amen.

In Christ’s love,

Rev. Lucille

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